Take A Break- Free Verse#1

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poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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One of my personal favorites that I've written! I read it oft for rexation! Sorry if it's too boring for y'all...

Take A Break- Free Verse#1

Take a break, O child

What has the screen to offer?

Big black letters?

Thumbs ups? Howdys?

Take a break, O child

Why waste the time googling for landscapes?

Put the phone aside


Amble through these serene gardens

Watch the mountains

Feel the rivers

Savour the moments of basking in the Sun

On fresh, green grass

Look around!

Do you see those cute, little pups?

Try talking with one!

In the "language of all creatures."

Do you hear?

The birds chirping?

And the crickets buzzing?

Do you hear?

Mother ranting Johnny in the distance?

Do you see?

The cute, baby bud enjoying the rain?

Or the juvenile tulip?

Growing into a mature one?

Do you smell the fine mud?

Or the pitter-patter of the rain?

Or the girl next door;

Speaking secrets with the moon?

Do you hear?

The tree breathing?

Or the calf

Calling out to its mother?

Do you feel?

A tender caress on your skin?

Or the sweat washed off?

By our dear wind.

Do you dream?

Dream of a fairy God mother?

Standing by your side

Ready for the wand flick?

Or the slow, snow flake?

Gently falling on your white skin?

Or the dandalion?

Bidding it's sisters goodbye?

For an exciting life ahead?

Think, O child

Open your mind

Take a break

From the world of humans

Look around

Forget dreaming about paradise

You have it all

Right by your side

Beautiful nature

Wanting to be observed


Cared for

And not ignored

Take a break, O Child

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