Jack And The Beanstalk Part Deux

        Jack And The Beanstalk 
                       Part Deux fairytale stories

poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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Hmm, presenting another fairytale revised... It's a bit lame but worth a try.. Spent a lotta effort; looking for some substantial criticism! Cheers!

Jack And The Beanstalk Part Deux

Fee-fi-fo-fum. Ask not whence the thunder comes. Ask not where the herds have gone. Nor why the birds have ceased their song. When coming home, don't take too long. For monsters roam in Albion.

But Albion is too high a place Beyond the clouds; in the space Down below lied the kingdom of Laster A land of cowboys and farmers and pasture. On the soil of Laster, dwelt a lad called Jack Had only a mum so strict and a duck who quacked.

Short of money, mum asked Jack to sell The duck whose neck had jingly bells. Jack took her to market and to his surprise He found a buyer soon and for a suitable price.

The stranger promised to give him beans of magic The cow in turn will put an end to his tragic. Jack was elated, gave him the cow at once Went back to mother, fastest of his runs.

Mum was livid, said "What have you done?" Beans for a cow? Some sort of fun? She threw the beans out Offered Jack a shout But then quite kindly said "Son, What have you done?" Now we have no bread.

The next morn, Jack heard a thud In the lawn stood a long Beanstalk, once a bud. Jack was dazzled but then started to try To climb the Beanstalk standing tall unto the sky.

Jack was consummate; reached the apex so quick Saw there a castle, so gorgeous and slick Got out and in, frolicked like a spring Unaware he was amidst a giant's bring.

He spotted there a duck who laid golden eggs His mind seemed to join familiar pegs. Have I seen this duck before? He thought so deep But then recovered to realize, it was the one he used to keep.

Oh my dear! Who brought you here? The stranger whom I met He promised to keep you pet. But then he saw the same man Sweeping the floor so spick and span. Jack saw him and he saw Jack Seeing him there, he was taken aback.

The stranger leaped with joy Told the poor boy I'm the lost king of Laster, the one who used to rule I was brought here long back by the big, ugly fool. The giant gave me a day to go back and get A duck whom he'd turn to lay a golden egg.

I gave you the beans for I knew you were sturdy I knew you'd get me outta here, Help me Buddy! Jack was kind, he promised to help Bring back himself and the king, both too welp But they needed a plan, A plan so that They can lynch the beast, so tall and fat!

Jack asked the king who made the giant's food To mix a bean with the meat The one he used to eat He carefully took out one from the pocket of his pant Of course, he had hidden one before his mother's rant.

As soon as the giant came out of the cozy snug He asked the king for his meat and the soup mug. The king blissfully served the dish and the coupe. The giant unaware, of his "bean-some" soup.

The giant ate heartily and then soundly drank Becoming the victim to the duo's prank. After a minute or so, bursted a stalk so high Out of his right, red, bulgy eye.

The giant lay dead, prostrate on the ground The king at Jack's wit, frowned and frowned. The three of them, duck included Got down to Laster, the stalk they uprooted.

The King now filled the empty throne again Jack, now his commander, with might and a brain A little different story from the one we've known A little more added, a little more shown!

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