The Football Girl
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Scout is gonna be the first girl in the NFL.

The Football Girl

"Your hair is too short," the kids at Scout's school tell her. "You look like a creepy boy."

"And you're fat," they say. "You must eat an entire thing of Oreos like every single day."

This taunting doesn't make Scout too sad, though.

It bothered her a little, but not that much. Like, why should Scout care what idiot bullies say?

Soon, Scout will be the first girl to play football in the NFL.

She'll be a star quarterback for a very good team.

She'll throw touchdowns and appear in commercials for rental car companies.

Then, when she can't play football anymore because she's had so many concussions, she'll turn into a supermodel.

"Big girls are super," Scout sometimes says to herself. "So everyone should model themselves after them."

The End

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