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A sassy sixth-grade girl and her quiet little brother go to the doctor and cause a commotion.


A mom parks her turquoise minivan in front of a red brick building. The mom, her fourth-grade son, and her sixth-grade daughter unbuckle their seat belts and leave the minivan.

Evangeline, the big sister and daughter, wears black tennis shoes, white tights, a black skirt, and a pink jacket. It's the middle of October, it's chilly.

"That took forever and a remainder of four," Evangeline says. The mom puts her car keys in her black purse: "Oh, please..." "To think of all the better ways in which I could be using my time," says Evangeline. The mom stares at her daughter: "Stop it."

The mom, the boy, and the girl go inside the red brick building. "What floor is the stupid doctor located on?" asks Evangeline. The mom brushes a crumb off of her daughter's pink jacket. "The very smart and capable doctor is located on this floor." Evangeline snaps her finger and stomps her foot: "Shucks!"

"Don't worry," says the mom, "before we leave, you'll have a chance to ride the elevator." "But Mathew won't..." "No," says the mom. "Mathew doesn't like going up and down." "That's right," says the mom. "But I do," says Evangeline.

The mom pulls a blue tissue out of her black purse and holds it up to her son's nose. He blows. "You catch the most horrific colds," the mom says to him. "Gross," says Evangeline. "Fuck you," says Mathew. The mom stares at her son, then at her daughter. "All right," she says.

Evangeline starts to skip down a narrow hallway with blue carpet and beige walls. Each time the she passes a door, she asks, "Is this the stupid one?"

Evangeline, her mom, and her little brother finally arrive at the one. Inside, there's white carpet and white walls and a scattering of trucks, dolls, teddy bears, marbles, magazines, and other things.

By the fish tank in the corner, Mathew spots a boy with his mom. The boy's skin color -- a soft dark brown -- grabs Mathew's attention.

Mathew's mom looks for something in her black purse. She then goes up to a glass window and rings the buzzer. The window slides open and the mom says, "Hi... Mathew Bonstein... 4:30... Dr. Hess." Then the window shuts. Then the window slides open again. A hand gives the mom a white sheet of paper on a clipboard with a pen.

"Thank you," says Mathew's mom. She looks at the white paper. Then she looks around the room. She makes eye contact with the mom of the boy by the fish tank and smiles. The mom, who has a skin color similar to her son, smiles back.

Mathew is pinching his cheeks. He's edgy. He's never certain what Dr. Hess is going to do to him. Sometimes, she touches him down there.

A smiling nurse enters the room and announces: "Dixon." The boy and the mom with brown skin get up. As they walk towards the nurse, the boy spots Mathew staring at him. The boy gives Mathew the finger and Mathew gives the boy the finger right back.

Mathew's mom keeps writing on the white sheet of paper. "I hate our last name dearly," Evangeline announces. "Oh?" says the mom. "No joke." "Well... you can change it when you get married." "I will."

"I'm gonna marry a girl," Evangeline announces. "If that's your inclination," sighs her mom. "It is, and she's gonna wear golden high heels and blue jeans and a plaid shirt and a brown jacket. She'll be my dearest opposite and her last name will be Fox."

"I'm not so sure that golden high heels go with that outfit," the mom quips. "They do in my filing cabinet," replies her daughter.

The mom bites her lip. She writes on the white paper some more, then she stares at Evangeline, who stares at her little brother: "And Mathew is gonna marry a boy." "Fuck you," says Mathew. Evangeline folds her arms across her chest. "It's so true," she says. "Fuck you," repeats Mathew.

"All right," says the mom. "You can not tell a lie," adds Evangeline. The mom puts down the pen: "If you want to use the elevator, Eve, now is the time." Evangeline gets up: "Fine by me."


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