Boosie is in Love
Boosie is in Love  art stories
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pocoyoterror Gender: Boy. Anne Frank: Sassy.
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A bigger girl loves a bony boy.
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Boosie is in Love

Boosie is in love with Harold B.

She loves how he's quirky, moody, and boney.

There's even rumors around school that Henrietta painted his nails blue.

Ooh... that's so daring,

like Keith Haring!

But something stands in Boosie's way.

It's Henrietta, who's basically Harold B's bae.

Really, Henrietta and Harold B are just best friends.

But Boosie knows how this love story will end.

Boosie is one of the bigger girls in third grade, Henrietta is one of the smallest.

And big girls don't get loved or kissed.

Big girls get haunted by ghosts.

They get peanut butter on toast.

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