Boosie and the Ghost
Boosie and the Ghost art stories

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An artistic third-grade girl named Boosie faces a scary choice: To help or not help a ghost.

Boosie and the Ghost

"Hey Boosie..." Boosie stops drawing her nice witch and looks around her bedroom. It's empty. Who could be talking to her?

"Hey Boosie..." Boosie shakes her head. "Ignore it," she says to herself.

"Oh Boosie..." "Grrr!" Boosie growls. She snaps a colored pencil she doesn't need in half. "Who are you?" she asks. "What do you want?"

"I'm a ghost." "A ghost?" "Yeah... a ghost. Don't you know what a ghost is?" "I'm in third grade, I know what a ghost is."

"Don't you want to know what I'm doing in your room?" the ghost asks. "Not really," replies Booise. "I want you to leave me alone so I can go back to my drawing."

"I won't leave until you help me," says the ghost. "Help you with what?" asks Boosie. "My life goals." "What are those?"

"I want to scare your father," explains the ghost. "My father?" asks Boosie. "Why him?" "Because he's a rich and powerful man and I'm starting a revolution against the patriarchy."

Boosie thinks. "Well," she says. "I'm not sure what patriarchy is. But my father didn't let me have an extra donut this morning, so I guess you can scare him. I think he's in the bathroom, though." "Whatever," says the ghost. "I'm not afraid to get my elbows dirty."

Soon, Boosie hears a deep and savage scream coming from her parent's bathroom. "Holy Moses," screams the father. "I'm gonna need a mop and some Band-Aids."

The ghost goes back into Boosie's room. "Thank you for helping me achieve one of my life goals," he says. Boosie giggles. "You're welcome," she says.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" asks the ghost. "You can leave me alone so I can finish my drawing of this nice witch." "OK," says the ghost. "But don't forget: Viva la revolución."

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