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breathing nature

by plilah

The Sad Boy is in love with a Girl

made of water,

once let go, she’ll never fully come back.

Always slipping through his fingers.

The Sad Girl is in love with a Boy

as lean and fragile as a dandelion,

as if once small breath could blow him away

and never come back.

The house is in love with the Light

that sits outside one of the neighbouring houses,

it flickers every time it knows the house is watching.

Its energy wilts with every flicker, knowing well that flirting will kill her soon.

Life is in love with Nature,

it tries to impress Nature with its teaching of humans with recycling  and taking care of Life’s love.

Life wants to impress Nature with the Girl made of water,

the boy’s sadness meant to awe Nature.

Wants to excite Nature

with a boy as lean and fragile as a dandelion, the girl’s sadness a way to try and thrill Nature.


Nature does not see these offerings as ones of kindness,

rather offerings of suffering.

Nature decides to fix things, Make the water girl more stable so the boy can hold on to her.

Change the boy so he’s unbreakable to even the strongest of winds, so the girl can finally release her hurricane of love.

Nature gives the Light one full boost of energy, so it can go on shining for a little bit longer.

Life is starstruck by the efforts of Nature, thinking they're for itself.

But Life is wrong,

Nature did these mesmerising things for no reason other than to reverse the cruel attempts of affection left from Life.

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