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“Things taken for granted are the things, if not granted, causes us the biggest discomfort. Very often it's the neglected small things which forms the biggest of shadows while walking away.”
― Shahenshah Hafeez Khan

u n e m b e l l i s h e d n i g h t

THE SKY IS a u s t e r e

N O g l i n t i n g embroidery

Guess she became all jaded

w e a r i n g t h a t p e a r l - b e a d e d s h a w l

A sight he took for granted.

This is a tanka poem I wrote for the times we took the breathtaking night sky's availability for granted. Just some thoughts for the times we feel chagrined towards the undecorated dark canopy without thinking what the night sky could be going through in times they are gloomy and dreary.

Also written to deliver my thoughts about people who feel unappreciated despite of all the time and love they give to people who are dear to them.

Thank you for reading! :)

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