Love Who's Inside.
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piscesblogger ~The Truth formed into written words~
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What's on the inside is what matter's most.

Love Who's Inside.

By PiscesBlogger

She's not a size four,

So the world teaches us that she isn't worth much more,

Than an item owned.

No one want's to be her,

And even her own mother disapproves.

All anyone see's is what is on the outside,

And could care less to take the time and effort to know what's being felt on the inside.


We should teach eachother that someone's true value isn't what you see,

Their true value is what you feel and learn from that individual.

That everyone should want to be their own person,

Because there is nothing better than being unique.

We should be taught,

That a parent should only Love and Protect,

And we should be taught,

That a world full of judgement will only end in disaster and hatred.

Hatred towards everyone, including yourself.

So Instead,

Love Who's Inside.

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