Egypt (Part one)

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pinkblossom I like to write
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A servant who tries his best to express himself in a world that ever seems to be against difference and confidence. And a prince who's world seems to be ever perfect, yet who cant express himself. What will they learn from each other when their worlds collide?

Well its actually unfinished but that's the premise. Please enjoys the pov of Egypt (my favorite character) As i set the scene of this world that takes place in my head.

Egypt (Part one)

White is a powerful color. Maybe not powerful like gold or silver. But people look up to white. Its serene, beautiful. Mother even used to say that white was a gift from the gods.

She told me anything with a touch of white had a touch from the gods. I smiled warmly as i fingered the white madonna lily in my hair, Mothers favorite flower.

It stood out perfectly against the black curls that draped over my scalp, creating a perfect frame around my face. I felt much like a king at a ball, though i had no gown.

Taking in the cool air of my quarters, I danced to the rhythmic music of my heart. Waltzing with no partner.

It was easy to move in the long black pants that loosely fit me, and the faded white shirt that was perfectly too big.

My servants outfit, when I don't have any of the extra jewelry that the queen insists on, is quite easy to move in. Really perfect for dancing in your room to a beat no one else can hear.

With a deep breath I took another step of my waltz.

"Egypt!" The yell almost makes me trip, "Are you ready boy?! You better be!" With a quick sigh I fake my smile and pull on the white tie that finishes my outfit.

There was no fooling around when the head mistress was in the quarters.

She may have been a servant just like me, but she got special jobs and treatment because she was also my boss, my supervisor. "Yes miss I'm ready.

" I opened the door to her look of great disdain, "If you were ready you would be tending to your chores already." She slapped me on the back of head, harder than she had probably meant to.

"Y-yes miss," I flinched at the sting, but scrambled after her as she began to walk, "Sorry miss."

Scoffing as she scuttled across the ground she simply said, "Just come along. And shut that stupid mouth of yours."

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