[Children's Story] My Farmer's Market Crush
[Children's Story] My Farmer's Market Crush  children stories

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What does 15-year-old Phyllis Watson do when the love of her life, her crush, is volunteering this weekend at a tomato stand?

[Children's Story] My Farmer's Market Crush

I care very little about locally grown oranges, organic produce, and pesticide-free cherries. No, I went to the Santa Rosa farmer's market because my crush was going to be there.

His name is Ryan Kingsley and he volunteers every Sunday at his father's tomato stand.

Today was my chance. I wanted to run into him, casually, at his stand, so he would realize that I care about tomatoes just as much as he does and fall in love with me.

I had stolen $8 from my mother's wallet for this project.

I've never had a job before, because I'm 15, but this minor detail wasn't going to let me forget about my dream of going with Ryan to next month's Sophomore Prom.

I walked through the farmer's market to the vegetable section, passing by tables of pastries, peach stands, and a crepe stand that smelled like fresh apple pie.

As I walked, I felt certain that this would be a great way for Ryan to notice me.

The Sophomore Spring Fling was coming up next month, and I felt giddy with excitement at the thought of being Ryan's date.

"Excuse me, can you watch where you're going?," said a stout, tan male. He walked past me carrying 2 large boxes of oranges that eclipsed his vision.

I was surprised he could walk at all with this, let alone offer criticisms to my gait.

"Where's your mask?," said a young boy who was walking towards me.

I felt that we were outdoors and the new government restrictions gave me this freedom.

I wanted Ryan to see me without a mask, too, since I had borrowed my sister's lipstick, lipliner, and shiny lipgloss.

I saw Ryan at the stand, and of course, Petunia Sixton was at the stand.

We're 15, but I've had a crush on him since we sat at the same table in Mrs. McCloskey's History class 4 years ago.

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