I’m coming home
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Miles comes home from a trip overseas and Phoenix greets him at the gate.

I’m coming home

I just wanted to write a little mini story! I thought this idea was cute and couldn’t help myself~ +———————————————+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~{Phoenix POV}~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +———————————————+

Phoenix was pacing the terminal area. He kept glancing from his phone, to his watch, and to the terminal screen. Frankly, he was anxiously waiting for Miles’ return from Germany.

Miles had gone to Germany in a hurry, saying they needed him urgently for a special case. He hated when his boyfriend went overseas. First there was the stress of flying and then Miles being gone for so long... It was just a hassle he’d never enjoyed.

But he loved Miles, and its not like he could stop this. It was just part of his job as Chief Prosecutor. All important and stuff...

But just then, people started to fill the gate. Phoenix squeezed through the crowd, searching for Miles in the sea of people. And there he was...

His presence filled the airport. He was tall, handsome, and quite intimidating to say the least. That man had always carried around a sense of importance that Phoenix had always lacked.

But Phoenix was completely uplifted when he saw the face of his boyfriend. Phoenix rushed to the other man and nearly tackled him to the ground as Phoenix flung his arms around Miles.

Miles made a small yip in surprise when Phoenix wrapped himself around him, startled. “Oh my god I missed you so much, Miles.” Phoenix swooned. “I missed you, too.” Miles replied in his usual tone, with a hint of affection.

Surprising even himself, Phoenix felt tears start to form in the corners of his eyes. “I’ve always hated those long trips,” Phoenix sniffled. “The days felt like months.” “I know, I know,” Miles tucked some loose baby hairs behind my ear. “Please don’t cry.”

“It’s a bit too late for that,” Phoenix chuckled. At that, Miles let a small smirk through. “You’re going to make me get emotional,” Miles commented as he kissed the top of Phoenix’s head affectionately. “Now, lets go home, shall we?”

Phoenix simply nodded, not wanting to embarrass the other man by full on sobbing. “I love you,” Phoenix gushed. Miles’ cheeks turned pink. “I l-love you, too.” He replied, hastily, his pale skin easily showing the blush forming along the bridge of his nose.

Miles reached for Phoenix’s hand, and they made their way down the long hallways and intricate rooms of the airport. Phoenix couldn’t have been happier, and though Miles wasn’t showing it on his face, Phoenix could tell he was also happy by the way he acted.

Like the way Miles softly stroked the curve of Phoenix’s thumb. Or the way he spoke to Phoenix. Maybe even in his slightly more cheerful gait. In other words, they were both happy to finally see each other again.

When they got to the car, the two men rode home peacefully, and finally happy in one another’s presence. And Phoenix could, at long last, sleep peacefully knowing that Miles was now safely home and very close.

+++++++++++++++++++++++ ——THE END————————— +++++++++++++++++++++++

OHYES! thanks for making it until the end! I hope you loved it. Please feel free to like this post for more if you enjoyed. ANYways, thanks for reading my Wrightworth trash. Sincerely, Wrightworth author

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