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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Just a look at a main contribution to probably many people's struggle as a people- pleaser.

No Problem

Open the door for a stranger, No problem. Save an animal from danger, No problem. Help my friend move some stuff, No problem. Call my friend who has it rough, No problem.

Buy a taxi for a friendly face, No problem. Apologize to someone for my race, No problem. Hold a patients hand that hates me, No problem. Feed them juice or some tea, No problem.

Help another patient out of a car, No problem. Lift their dead weight, the ER is not that far, No problem. Help a woman with her dead battery, No problem Person has lost their mind and yells at me, No problem.

Get a pregnant woman a wheelchair, No problem. No thanks are given, is this really fair, No problem? Why can't I stop saying no problem? Why are these pages getting full of problems? Probably because when there's too much, It's a problem.

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