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@ashj. Response to your inquiry. Hope it helps a little.


The end; this story is written backwards.

It's hard to see clearly when life is coming at you.

Robotic motions, creating waves,

Of 0's and 1's to try and find their mates.

Life is meaningless and never-ending;

When life is all about trending.

There used to be a time where people spoke to each other.

When you had enough time to look at a feather.

Appreciate the smallest things in life,

Like how the stars could shine so bright.

Life itself, I believe, has no meaning.

It's about what you do with your chance, kinda deceiving.

Don't focus on trying to be successful.

Be happy with whatever makes your heart full.

The memories you create for others to carry on,

Is why we're here, that's why we sing this song.

Thank you to @ashj for sending this idea to write about. I hope this may have a little bit of an explanation to why, I think, we can enjoy life and it has meaning.

Even if there is no way to create a true goal, you can find meaning in helping the next people in line. You can make a difference in others life and that's what's important.

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