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Thank You!

300 Thank You

I'm sitting here writing words down on a piece of paper. Wondering why any one of you can read it and seem to savor. These words and the order I put them in are not unique. The subjects are generalized shit to make you think.

I started writing these words when one or two people said thank you. I did not do it for the likes or the attention, the comments ring true. I want the one or two people that are hurting to realize this is for you.

If all of you are here because you relate, Then I will always say thank you and contemplate. I write these words out of the experiences I've been through. I would tell everyone to avoid following these clues.

My heart hurts for those that read my words and ache. I hope they help or maybe even alleviate some pain. I just want you all to know that you can use this place. To express the pain outwards and use it as an escape.

Please message me if you need anything at all. I've got this message from several, making me stand tall. I am not doing this on my own anymore. Even if this help is coming through the virtual world.

Thanks to 312 subscribers now! I appreciate every one of you and hope in anyway that my poems could help you along or message me and maybe I have insight on a problem you are currently in. I am not a therapist, but listening ears can always be helpful as I found out myself.

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