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I would often think why people always told us to share good things and not embarrassing event. I realised that it is often awkward things which connect people. As embarrassing incident are often the same situations happening in different time-zone for everyone.
By Kitty Varghese

My First Kiss

by Kitty Varghese

I would often think why people always told us to share good things and not embarrassing event. I realised that it is often awkward things which connect people.

As embarrassing incident are often the same situations happening in different time-zone for everyone.

What I mean is that often the essence of life is the same for everyone, and the only thing that makes our lives different is the PERCEPTION.

So, does the story of "MY FIRST KISS", I am not sure whether to categorise it as embarrassing or a delightful event.

But all I am sure that "My First Kiss "will always be remembered as unique as everyone's.

I was staying in my Lakeview quarters which was holding up like a tower of cards. Ready to fall at any moment.

I believe the collapse of our quarters would often report because of the high decibel frequency of Mrs Tiwari and Mrs Kulkarni.

They would talk about everything from recipe to the new saree collection at Rushali saree shop.

It seemed they did not know about the exiting intercom facility in every household, which I tried telling them mockingly a few times.

But today, for a surprise, my Amma also joined their conversation from our first floor flat. The talk was so loud that I could not listen to the daily soap "Balika Vadhu".

To reduce a few hundred decibels, I went to call Amma on the pretext of asking for rice.

But to my not so respite, they were talking about their "Gold price skyrocketing during Akshaya Tritiya", so I came back with a failed attempt.

But I wasn't excited for it as I was more excited for getting my eyebrows threaded for the first time. My mom had promised me that she would think about getting my eyebrows done if I score well.

I severely burned midnight candles that year to do well.

I often think if I would have done studied little earlier, I could have gotten into some better college outside Mumbai and lived by my own rules. As the saying goes "what's done is done.

" I now concentrated on things in hand, for example, scoring good grades.

I was more excited to meet my school best friend turned exceptional friend Aman. Aman was very good at studies and sport, and he was studying outside Mumbai.

He was coming back to Mumbai for the first time since he left for college. I wanted to surprise him with my new threaded eyebrows and womanly moustache that I carried all my school life.

He used to call me "Kochikame", popular Japanese comedy manga that used to air on Hungama TV. He didn't call me KochiKame cause I was funny but rather because of my unibrows.

During school days, when my girlfriends used to get a good morning and good night messages from their boyfriends.

My rescued was to go to school to meet him because I didn't have any personal mobile.

My parents thought its a piece of distraction just like many of the social media at that time. So, clearly, I was not on FaceBook or Orkut as all these needed one to be above 18 years of age.

We did have a period of 1.5 hrs every day to talk in school that includes time while travelling to and fro from school and lunch break.

But now things have changed, I could talk to him anytime as now I owned a brand new NOKIA 1100.

I agree it was difficult to type messages on it as pressing three times 4, three times 5, two times 8, three times 8 and two times 8 would make "I LUV U" on the 1.2-inch black and white screen.

But I believe everything is fair in love and war. So, I would prefer calling him as pressing so many buttons would often make me forget the content.

I would call him every Saturday, which would be brief for about 10 mins. STD was costly that time and the cheapest talk-time package was pay per second.

But I was excited as he was flying back next week. I could talk about what happened last month as due to exams my parents didn't recharge my phone.

So we haven't spoken much in the previous month.

I was making plans about whether to eat samosa pav or vada pav at Upahar canteen or try misal pav at Gulmohar cafeteria.

And the doorbells rings, and I get up from our sofa-cum-bed to reach the door. By then, my mom also finished her cross-flat gossips to reach the door.

She opened the door, and there stands my dad with unusual worries lines on his infinite forehead.

As my mom served him tea and my soya milk, he told me that I would have to stay with my grandfather for a couple of days as my uncle is going for some trip.

I was shattered not because I would have to wait with my grandfather, but because of Jamie, that bitch. I hated her since the day she came into our family.

I don't know why she too hates me so much that when she was little, she bit me on my hand. I was terrified, and hence as a bribe, I asked my mom if I could do waxing too.

She accepted the offer to wax my hands but not my legs. I was not bothered too as I would usually wear long hand me down clothes from my Delhi cousin.

So, I headed to my grandfather's house right across the main gate with a brand new Pedigree for Jamie.

The best thing about my grandfather's house was that the beauty parlour was downstairs and my Amma booked the appointment, and we headed there.

After waxing, I was looking two shades fairer and two pounds lighter. In plain words, I was no less than Rhea from RHTDM.

We brought some croissant and chicken fry from a nearby shop, and my mom dropped me. I rang the bell scared with the hope that Jamie, the bitch would pounce or start barking at me.

But to my surprise, she was standing there wagging her tail. I guess even she was spellbound (or barkbound) by my newly discovered beautiful face.

I greeted my grandfather and gave food to Jamie. Jamie was playing with me, and for the first time, I loved her.

But my whole concentration was on the clock. It was five o'clock, and my grandfather's favourite Asianet news was on channel 30. I rushed to grab my Nokia to message him "Welcome Back !".

The delivery message was received, and I was waiting for his reply. I received his replied "Thank You" about an hour later due to the long luggage queue as he claimed in the next few messages.

But I was happy that he was back. At night, I texted if we could meet for lunch.

I applied my aunt's old eyeliner and lip tint. Wore my tightest jeans from the lot of hand me down clothes. Combed my hair and oiled it with new Jasmine fragrance Pranchute oil.

I walked to campus, and like our hearts, even our timing was synced. Love was in the air. My eyes searched him every bus that stopped and there he was tall, fair with curly hairs.

I could sense that he was also searching for me from long. I met him, gave him a handshake as hugging was forbidden. We walked towards Gulmohar cafeteria talking about college and new friends.

We talked elaborately about every incident that happened in one year with occasional brushing of palms.

I could feel butterflies in my tummy, and I had to even act like a classy lady (to compliment my new looks), so I stayed calm.

We reached the cafeteria, pulled our chairs in sync and our faces were too close to be uncomfortably good. He leaned more, and I went with the flow and kissed him.

The first peck was a brief one, only to be interrupted with a smile. Since it was afternoon, the cafeteria was not that crowded, and we went for the second round of kissing.

This time it was rigorous, but I felt as if he was kissing my cheeks. But it was good, and I was smiling only to be interrupted by a barking dog.

I opened my eyes to see Jamie licking my cheeks, and it was all a good dream which I believed might come true today as I was going to meet him. So I grabbed my phone to see his reply.

The inbox showed one unread message which read "ITS OVER. BREAKUP. I have a gf in college".

Well, that day I might have not got my first kiss from my pseudo bf but I was happy to get a kiss from man's loyal friend - JAMIE, the bitch.

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