Amma, I have cancer !!
Amma, I have cancer !! puberty stories

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There was chaos in Mumbai because of upcoming Ganesh Ustav and rains. Every day, The Times of India showed the water level in the seven water resources which supplied water in Mumbai. Local train travellers were worried at the delay caused by waterlogging in Matunga and King's Circle.

Amma, I have cancer !!

There was chaos in Mumbai because of upcoming Ganesh Ustav and rains. Every day, The Times of India showed the water level in the seven water resources which supplied water in Mumbai.

Local train travellers were worried at the delay caused by waterlogging in Matunga and King's Circle.

BMC were filling up the potholes in Western Express Highway with a hope that this will make them win the next elections.

Far the hustle and bustle from the city life, there was a jungle of Powai where everything moved according to the lives of the government employees.

In this jungle, even though there were rules and timing but the people's lives revolved first around their kids and then their offices and daily chores.

In this beautiful jungle, there were hills and two beautiful lakes which would make any drone pictures picturesque.

My bedroom window opened to this view since the day I open my eyes on this planet Earth. My life was like a well-rehearsed play where all the scene were ready.

Be it from which school to which hobby to pursue. I never had these conflicting thoughts of choices to be made like every other teenager.

Until one day, I started having pain in my chest. I thought because of the jackfruits that I ate for lunch. But this pain lasted for a couple of weeks.

I didn't tell anyone as I was busy following my timetable, which I considered as "key" for scoring perfect score (which I later understood is called perseverance.)

Few days past and I got accustomed to the pain in my chest, and it didn't bother me anymore. It was raining heavily, and my dad was cleaning his scooter ready to drop me off to dance class.

I had this white salwar suit with red dupatta as my dance uniform wearing which I would do my adavus followed by Margam like Alaripu, Jathiswaram and so on.

I was very excited that day as today my Appa promised a Pastry from Moginis Cake Shop.

I wanted to look best before going there, and hence I was wearing talcum powder on my face like I was applying whitewash to hide the animal kingdom I drew in walls of my house when I was little.

When I was using my Ponds powder, I hear my landline ring. Usually, I would run to pick it up as I loved talking, but that day I was determined to bury the pimple on my face.

While I was trying to hide it like Harappa civilisation underneath my talcum powder, I could hear my Amma talking on the phone.

As soon as I was ready looking like a ghost, my Amma is done talking on the phone, and she was talking with my dad about something in an unusually low voice, and all I could hear was chest pain,

blood, pus and Cancer. But I being a Sheikh Chilli was thinking about pastry and dance class.

I was done with my adavus, and my dance guru was about to start with Margam.

I felt severe pain in my stomach, but I didn't stop as I thought it was due to hunger (I skipped my evening snacks so that I could eat the pastry alone.

) I completed the Margams and waited for my dad to pick me up and take to the store. But I was feeling dizzy and wanted just to go home and sleep.

I was trying to make an excuse for my Appa to skip the cake shop such that it all looked subtle. And I guess, God heard and it was going to rain heavily.

My Appa asked if we could get the pastry some other day. I was pleased deep down but showed a gloomy face.

We reached home thoroughly drenched. Amma asked me to change to dry clothes, and I rushed to the bathroom, got myself a bath in the brand new Mysore Sandalwood soap, and I smelled good.

Ate Chicken rice and my stomach pain were gone. I was angry about keeping myself all hungry and went to sleep.

Next day, it was Wednesday. I hated the white uniform as I would always forget to polish my white shoes and it would look like brown shoes.

We somehow finished the mass PT period, and I was walking back to class with my best friend Anuradha, and suddenly again, I felt severe pain in my tummy.

I told Anuradha about it, and she suggested it maybe because I didn't clean my tummy in the morning. I assured her that I drank lukewarm water and cleaned my tummy that day.

But then she recommended me to go to the washroom. I went and came out crying as I had stained my underwear with blood. Anuradha was also clueless about what was happening.

She asked me whether I hit myself. But I was clueless. My heart was pouncing, and I was short breath cause of the tension.

Being an overthinker, I started connecting the dots. Dots of me having chest pain, blood and yesterday's phone call and I decided I had Cancer. Anuradha joined me, crying.

I was thinking about whether I could top that semester exam and die. Or will I die during the semester?

In between all these thoughts, I was also worried about staining my white skirts .

Anuradha came up with a plan to stuff notebook pages in my underwear so that I could get some protection until I go home and break the news to my parents.

My craft book had thicker papers, and I was sure that I would not complete using the book ever. So I tore the pages from my craft book and stuff my underwear.

I was not comfortable, and I had to remove it with the first half of the school hour. Then we decided to keep a handkerchief.

It was good as we tied the handkerchief with the gauze that I took from the first-aid kit of my class.

I was in charge of the cupboard, so I had the keys for it and didn't have to ask anyone's permission.

The minute hand struck 1:40 pm, and I rushed home to break the news that I have Cancer. My Amma and Appa were confused. They didn't know whether to console me first or ask what's going on.

They gave me a glass of water and listened to the whole story. I was expecting them to get sad, but to my surprise, they were laughing. I was puzzled.

But they congratulated me and explained to me about PERIODS.

I cringed, but my Amma told me "Now you are a Lady !!".

And later that evening, my Appa brought me a whole big black forest cake to celebrate my puberty.

I thought it the end "Pastry nahi tho kya hua, Cake mil gaya" (What if I didn't get Pastry, I got a big Cake).

I almost thought I would die, but I died to grow up to be called a LADY that day.

Lack of Sex education among Indian girls often leads to conflicting thoughts. It is very important to discuss these topics without hesitation in society for the healthy growth of an individual.

So don't shy away in discussing sex education with your kids because the future is in your hand. You mould your kid; you mould the world.

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