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pendependent A good person, perhaps
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You kept me under this false impression, no more.

My Light

Bind my soul and I will survive You are my repentance and I will demise Forgive my soul and I'll ascend Fear God to Heaven's end

Heretic, harlet, sinner and saint Bring me to your loves acquaint Me with the forces, shall we be one As all is said and all is done

Bind my soul in a book of vows Tell me what my journey endows If I accept you as my holy lord Will I be held to my own accord

Sent into Heaven, Hell or madness What have you done to my life, your Highness How can you ever appease your sins I could never begin to rinse

Or tear my soul piece by piece As night falls, i find my peace But not by you, a simple light That as a moth, seemed very right

But with the stars and moon and sun And where this all begun And where I might still find myself And realize I'm my damn self

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