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pegasus9161 I am a teenager and I write slam poetry.
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Trigger warning: Focus of suicide
Also: I am in no way shaming the National Suicide Prevention Helpline.
They do great work in terms of saving lives.
But in this poem, I adress how sometimes, an automated message is not ideal during someone's darkest hour.

Suicide hotline

Trigger warning: Focus of suicide

You have reached the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

When you pick up the phone at 1 am

because the thoughts are back to haunt you

Even when you close your eyes

The images are tattooed behind your eyelids

If you are in emotional distress or suicidal crisis or are concerned about someone who might be, we're here to help.

If only

You could pull your life together like you pull those strings

that you wrap around your neck

Those strings that attach you to this meaningless life

For every person who commited suicide and became a statistic.

For every person who overdosed because they thought it was tylenol

For every person who thinks that abuse is what love looks like

You can smile and have depression, you can smile and commit suicide

You don't pull the trigger because you want to die

You shoot the bullet because you want to be heard

We need to learn to ask, "Are you okay?"

This goes for every man, every woman, every person in between

It's okay to ask directly about suicide

And depression


and self-esteem

Because if we can do that

Then maybe one day we don't have to mention this poem to our kids

Please remain on the line while we route your call to the nearest crisis center in our network

And then they put you on hold and play some nice music

The same music they play in the elevator that brings you to the roof of your apartment building

And you stand on the edge of the 6th floor

6 feet under and waiting for a service agent to pick up the goddamn phone

But at the end of the call or maybe at the end of the day

if you make it that far

You have the choice to say: This is not how my life will end

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