Words Are A Type Of Trip
Words Are A Type Of Trip words stories

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Words Are A Type Of Trip

Words make me criminal on trial, An intent shopper who's got their aisle, Betrayals against king and country, Words on the walls looking all dusty,

Words creeping in my slumber or sleep, Words weeping, they comfort and don't creep, I once learnt words could mean other things, They still hurt and my mother still sings,

But wait, If this means other things, then... Are joys sufferings? This begins when? When it does I wanna stand well clear, Words switching meanings, bound to spark fear,

Unless words now mean what they're not, In which case we can infer a lot, Like what they are and what they've not got, Incidentally what we forgot,

Gently I'll ease you into the words, Creating dilemmas, we move towards, Lyrical kill-em-all syllables, Frazzle your brain, leave you critical,

Dying on enormous words divine, But they shiver my poetic spine, An intricate Sudoku of words A wordy complex crossword of words

A wordy word word word word word word! The thought tingles my passion absurd, Attacks are diatribes, vice versa, Both violent but one is cursive,

Which immense god allowed us to speak? Which commandment told us we could cheat? Because, truly that's what we're doing, With every word that we are ruing,

We're lying through our big pearly whites, They're white since the lies are too, bites Into open necks of fellowship, So that every word is a guilt trip.

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