In The Aid Of Many
In The Aid Of Many culture stories

pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
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In The Aid Of Many

And cultures flood in from all sides, And It's rich, Rich unlike the richness of before, Passionate struggle devoid of swathes of bickering, Across an ocean, across an eye, Stories that transport to other sides.

Ends tickle from the light, We proclaim, ears shut at the sight of a vowel, "I think we're different but we struggle same", "I think we're same but we struggle different", And I think! Thinking from out of the light.

God, I want to help, Same and different, I'm approaching from the shadows, Like a wise wise sensei, But the plot doesn't bend to my training, You, I'll never help.

Powerful in my atheist prayers, On my knees, The cushion of your message, A message of pleasure to, My shut ears, Open to your organ fueled singing prayers.

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