Getting In Trouble As Bm's Girl
Getting In Trouble As Bm's Girl  bm stories

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How does it feel to get in trouble because of a fight with your bully, but you getting in trouble with your bf Bm

Getting In Trouble As Bm's Girl

Bm: Hello sir

Mr. Kim: Hello Mr. Kim, thank you for coming

Until the girl family came in

Mr. Kim: Thank you for coming in Mr. and Mrs. Jung

and they sat down

Bm: So what happened I have a show in 3 hours

Mr. Kim: Bring Y/F/N Jeon in here

Bm: Babe?!

You came in there with scratches on your face and you look at Jennie parents and scoffs

Mrs. Jung: You come right here and apologize for scoffing at me

Y/n: Do I have too

Then Jennie walked in with bruises, bleeding from the cut YOU gave her on her right eye, cut lip, bruised thigh, broken high heel, cuts on her arms and legs.

Jennie: Y/n almost murdered me

Y/n mumbles under her breath

Y/n: shouldn't have been talking trash

Bm: What did you say y/n, you almost murder her

Y/n: Oh shut up Bm like you even care.

Mr. Kim: You could have been charged with attempted murder y/n

Y/n: Go to hell for all I care

Jennie: She started it by pushing me down and kicking my head

Jennie: With her friends

Bm: So no solo act

Y/n: Me and my friends had been taunted, bullied and harassed by Jennie since day 1 when I came to this school

Mr. Kim: Why you could not have told me

Bm: Or me, we could have handled it

Y/n: Oh yea handled it, handled it

Mrs. Jung: So my daughter is an iljin is what you saying

Y/n: Hell yes she is

Mrs. Jung: Take that back

You walked up and slapped Jennie mom

Mr. Kim: Mrs. Jung!!!

Jennie: Mom!!!

Mr. Jung: Honey!!!

Bm: Y/n!!!

Jennie: If you want camera footage it's on her phone

Mr. Kim: Just show us Y/n and we will forget the slapping accident

- y/n showed the footage and Bm was in shock -

Y/n walked out to Bm's car and went inside

Bm followed her and slam the car door

Y/n: You're going to break the car door

Bm: Shut up

and he drove off

- At their house -

Y/n went inside following with bm but when you got inside you felt a pull from someone and he was Bm

Bm: What the hell that was all about

Y/n: Okay I acted up it's done now shut up and move on

Bm pins you to the wall

Bm: Who are you telling to shut up

Y/n: You Bm

Bm smacked your a**

Bm: Want to say that again babygirl

Y/n: Be quiet BM

Bm smacked your a** again

You whimpered after the 4th smack

Bm: Now you want to behave baby

You shook your head yes

and He picked you up In bridal style and took you to your shared room

- now to commaful rules I cannot go this far so Imagine bishes goodbye -

If you want more just comment and like and follow will be appreciated - Dark side of the moon girl

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