Flickers By: Parker Woody

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The light of life flickers

Flickers By: Parker Woody

The light flickers from light to black

And I think of time and its meaning

Contemplating life and death

Amazed at how fragile those 2 are

And how intertwined they are

Forever together in a perfect like marriage

But as horrifying as anything our minds can comprehend

The light is back on, and all the love and happiness rushes through me

Blackness surrounds me just as quickly, wrapping me in it's cold, lonely arms

It's sad, but true, you realize the most important things in life, long after it's too late. And you wonder, "where has the time gone?"

All your left with are the memories of a life long lived

The light flickers, I'm going to bed

Maybe tomorrow wont go by so fast..

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