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Elle learns lessons of life living through each moment one at a time.
Welcome to Aycheelle, Elle.


'I know that I have to get up,' Elle thought.

The shrouded beams of light pushing through the edges of the blackout curtains gently sung her awake, "Wake up, Elle.

The world is a beautiful, bright place and it needs you in it to make it brighter!"

Elle looked at the curtains, groaned, and rolled in her bed so that her back was facing towards the shadowed safety of her bedroom.

With just a wavering sliver of light hitting the wall, dancing with the position of the curtain, reflecting into her eyes, Elle whined.

'Is there no place where I can just live without the constant push for a bright tomorrow?'

She pulled her comforter over her head and rested in the darkness.

As she rested, she felt a drilling pain in her chest, as if there was a vortex trying to spin out from her heart through her ribcage.

It was then she remembered why she refused to take on the day like she usually did. She recalled it all. The yelling, the fighting, the threats, the police, and the tears.

Her body really remembered the last recollection, for tears started to fall straight onto the pillow case.

'How can the world be so bright when such bad things happen?'

Through the sobs, a muffled sound effect played from underneath her pillow. It was her phone. She grabbed her phone, in hopes for a distraction from her despair.

'A message from Lacy. I wonder what she wants.'

As she opened the text preview, the message was short and sweet. Would you like to get lunch?

Elle chuckled. 'I guess there are still reasons to be grateful. It's so nice to have great friends.' She rolled out of bed, pulled back the curtains, and flooded her room with sunlight.

Through her cracked bedroom door, she could see what was left and all that happened last night. Her heart skipped a few beats.

With a few deep breaths, she knew in due time, the mess would be cleaned, and she wouldn't have to do it alone.

She pulled her favorite shirt, a silly one with a llama pun scribed on the front, her favorite pair of jeans, and chose to start her day with gratitude.

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