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Who would care if I were clever? Elle writes spontaneously about how she’s feeling.


Who would care if I were clever

To live a deed to live forever

Wearing silks made of sheer sharp rocks

Or pulling up tight grip topped socks

And hold my tongue, While crazies spun

To see the moon and miss the sun

Who would care if I were smart

And practiced in the crimson art

With lines as thin as a razor blade

Living through the eyelid shade

Singing whispers in the voice of stone

Bold the chorus, all alone

Who would care if I were funny

Speaking notes like bees to honey

A hive of buzzing in my head

Would get smoked straight to bed

Collect the sweets, get the goods

Then leave the buzzing for the hoods

Who would care if I were kind

Giving path to pathless wind

Light the way through the fog

Burn the concrete, burn the log

Scarring those to plant a forest

Soil made rich from the poorest

No one would care if I were clever

Good night! Good night! I sleep forever.

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