Siren sirens stories

paperbacksmiles A never-ending story.
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A short tale in which a young man finds himself in the clutches of a siren under unusual circumstances.


I can't breathe. I can't breathe. She drags me down into the dark below, her heart glowing with something I don't yet understand. I'm drowning, but I don't even notice, nor hardly care.

She's beautiful. Her hair is white for there is no sun where she resides. Her eyes are a colour I can't even begin to describe as the darkness embraces both myself and the siren holding me.

As I fade in and out of consciousness a song reaches my ears, a panicked tune that draws me from my newly found peace, "Wake up! Wake up!"

Waves crash upon the sandy shore, lapping at my bare feet as the morning sun dares my eyes to open. I am soaked, but I vomit no water and taste very little salt.

Did I truly drown? Perhaps it was a nightmare, but the siren of my dreams still sings in my ringing ears.

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