F a i l u r e
F  a  i  l  u  r  e failure stories
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owo_123 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago

F a i l u r e

The stench of it fills the air

Flooding the car

s e e p i n g into my lungs

Overwhelming my senses

She says nothing

She doesn't have to

I can feel the disappointment radiating off her Drowning me

S u f f o c a t i n g me

Just from the look in her eyes I know

I have failed her


Its pushing me into my seat Holding me down

Like invisible shackles

Worn and c o l d

I'll try to do better

I can do better

I have to do better

I w i l l do better

To fail is not an option

I dont fail

I dont fail We dont fail

I dont fail We dont fail we win

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