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For a thousand years have live in the valley of dry bone alone, the fluid that flows in my bones had dried up, am scattered around the valley in the midst of lilies. I feel so agitated to live as a dry bone, I need life, I need to be loved again.


For a thousand years have live in the valley of dry bone alone, the fluid that flows in my bones had dried up, am scattered around the valley in the midst of lilies.

I feel so agitated to live as a dry bone, I need life, I need to be loved again.

Who will speak life into my bone again, Who will give me the reason to live again, Who will tell me listen honey you were never dead, I want to live again,

my soul is hovering around the valley's because of the lilies flowers, even in death I still smell their fragrance.

In my First World I die without loving, then I thought love is not for me, nothing work for me in love, no difference is made when I find love,

nothing intrigue me to apply for a higher class or certificate in my relationship because I know I wouldn't pass the exams.

This has be my problem for thousands of years just like the dry bones on the valley's that lives among lilies,

I perceive their good smell but i can't help myself because i was dry no life was in me, it was getting too unbearable for me and I hate it when the winds blows,

The sweet smell from the lily flower was increasing more and more which gat me flowing In tears,

the thought of a second chance to live again was aggravating in my heart even more than the sweetness of my first existence,

it start raining for a season and the Lily grows mightily and spread her wings(branches) on the valley upon me as a shade, for me that was a step to my resurrection,

from the day I lost my breath in the valley is always about the sun and the heatness of the earth even my bones were exposed to the heatness of the earth,

nothing was working for me and that make my bone to dry even more.

The spread branches from the lily was a good shade which have long for all my years as a dry bone on the valley, it was so cool on my bone and I could enjoy more of the wind and her sweet smell,

but this beautiful lily was also having problem, there was no gardener to take off the thorns around her, she can't breath properly this was her major problem,

she needs care and has to be maintained, she want the thorns around her to be remove so she has more access to flow in the sequence of her beauty, this was a problem to her!.

It was raining upon the earth but the valley was exempted, this got the lily so angry, I never knew she has a plan ahead of time,

it was made know to her if this dry bone under you will live again, he need a drop💧from a true heart to live again,

from that same day she would not use the dew that was meant for her nourishment but for my sake she save all of that that I might live again,

she was saving dew for my sake and her beauty was waning out, she was very much happy to give away her beauty for the dry bone on the ground,

I look at her in tears but she can't see me crying because I was dry.

She spoke to me on this manner " dry bone I know you can hear me, I know and I believe you see what am doing for you, I want a gardener, I believe you are the perfect one for me,

have given my beauty for your bones to live again, am trusting on you please don't leave me alone after my sacrifice,

take away this unwanted thorns around me" I could hear her Speak all this words to me, I really want to reply her but she can't hear me".

she ends her speech and release upon me THE DROP💧OF ETERNITY , as the drop touches my bones, in a flash my bones begins to grow flesh,

there was a wind that blows heavily and swept the water from the ocean to the valley upon me, I stood upright in the manner of my first existence.

Charmimg, handsome, elegant and lovely, I smile as I admire my body for a minutes.

I look at the Lily with a smile and touch her by the branch, she felt my warmth hands, I look around the thorns growing around her uncontrollable ,

that got me angry and I uncontrollably wipe all the thorns around her and burnt them, first time I heard Lily flower speaking to me since I was a human,

she said you have release what has been a burden and a problem around me for years, there was a heavy wind this time which was beyond my control and I fell on the ground,

the wind shake the root of the lily in the manner of uprooting the root from the soil, I stood up in anger against the wind and fight against the wind, but I couldn't prevail over the wind.

I fell down and start crying, have lost my Lily, I was crying uncontrollably when I felt a touch from a soft hand on my left shoulder.

I look at the position were the Lily was but there was no lily flower, I fold in shame and wanted to weep again when she touched me again from behind,

this time I felt something different in my body unlike the first touch.

I hastily turn like a flash to see whats behind me, I saw something more important than the sun ☀, she was a light upon the earth, I didn't allow her to say a world.

I went straight to the lips and lock my lips on her lips for hours.

" I said to her from the time I start perceiving your sweet smell as a dry bone and you as a lily flower" have prayed earnestly in my heart to kiss you and tell you

" A world without you is not not meant to live for"... A DROP💧OF ETERNITY!

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