An Author, a Poet, and a Dreamer
An Author, a Poet, and a Dreamer art stories

onyxtodd And at the end of fear, oblivion.
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I am an author, a poet, a dreamer. A lover, and a fighter, and one who reaches for the stars.

An Author, a Poet, and a Dreamer

By: Onyx Maries


An author, a poet, and a dreamer. A lover, a fighter, and one who reaches for the stars. I am...


Infinity Quiet, Long Sleeping, Hushing, Playing 'I'll love you forever, to the moon and back.' Pretending, Loving, Faking Loud, Short Forever

12:35 AM

12:35 AM isn't for the happy The brave The strong 12:35 AM is for the scared The insomniacs The sad 12:35 AM is for the poetic The insane The trapped 12:35 AM is for me.

Thousands of Miles

Thousands of miles Lots of stitches For roads never ending Separating me from you Wishing to unwind The stitches in between Tear away the distance And walk the concrete from you to me


I'm not the favorite chapter Or favorite book I'm not the one who can pull you in, line, sinker, and hook I'm not the favorite memory or picture from the past I only wish to make it last

Bleed Into Me

Bleed into me as ink on paper In a trance Half empty, half full Wholeness Sought from unholiness We cut, break, and bruise. In this dream, as we passively cruise We're cut open


3 AM knows all my secrets Ask the night Sometimes I pretend you love me I know that it sound profound I'm broken, shattered and cracked Who said ​I need water to drown?

Shattered Glass

"Look into the glass, What do you see?" "Cracks, like spider webs" "Showing who you could be Splinters and shards Cracking your face Shattering glass Ruining your view."

Plague of Lies (pt. 1)

I'm the cure You're the disease What's killing you Is actually me Don't you get it? You're fixable Like a broken window A rusted clock You're irresistible As beautiful as a Mei

Plague of Lies (pt. 2)

But don't you see? You're the bad one I'm the good one Intoxicated by your lie.

Paste-Tense (pt. 1)

Guess I'm a memory Part of the past Carrying your grin In a framed photograph Consider me an old friend Someone who's gone Consider me someone Who's part of the end

Past-Tense (pt. 2)

If I'm not the one keeping you on your toes That little arrow to your heart Guess that means I should have gotten a head start Guess I'm the past.

Still Drowning (pt. 1)

You're still dreaming You're still drowning He held out his hand He was dark, mysterious. Saying "No one else is gonna save you"

Still Drowning (pt.2)

She took it, crying "I just want to go where nobody knows my name." You're still dreaming You're still drowning Don't sink too far Stay who you are You don't know how lovely you are

Still Drowning (pt.3)

"I see you in my dreams, kissing girls that aren't me" He said "Baby I was made to break your heart" No one is going to save her. Not in years

Still Drowning (pt.4)

Till he picked up that letter "There are galaxies inside me. I was alone And where were you?

Still Drowning (pt. 5)

Maybe music didn't hold my hand, But I saved myself. There's comfort at the bottom of a pool."

Still Drowning (pt. 6)

And she died dreaming. Baby, you're still drowning. He held out his hand.

Night Thinking, and Day Dreaming

I want to let out my thoughts and words out, But I can't. So I'm night thinking and daydreaming I could just.. Burst into tears in my room Realizing that no one knows how unhappy I am

The Universe

The universe is full of little things Little people, little buildings, little worlds.. Don't let one of those little things become your heart, for you were made for greater things than greed.


A blank page An empty canvas A deserted theater This is the birthplace of our hopes and dreams The people we aspire to be We welcome you Enjoy the show As we continue to grow and bloom

There's Not Enough Space

There's not enough space To tell you all I want To warn you about mistakes And how you'll make the worst There's not enough space to cry And laugh about our future Never enough spa-

This is just a complaint

There is literally not enough space on this site. I just turned it into a poem lol. XD


This is where stories are made Poems that swirl through my head From my pen On to the paper This is where nightmares are created From my peace In to the chaos beyond


She looked like summer, beautiful and glowing She smelled like the storm that was ongoing. Felt like the touch or a light winter's wrath Sounded like the feeling of spring's soft grass.


They taught us to be afraid Of them Of everything. To cover up, It's out fault To be obedient, We are slaves That being FEMALE is being WEAK, DUMB. I am not alone. We are strong.

Joys of Art

Desire to read Passion to write Muses in training, and dancers in woe Aspire to be all that is around you Be determined to call the worlds bluff


She is a poem I wish to write, A drawing I hope to create A bird to spread her wings and take flight A form of beauty in her own state.

Welcome To Blank Pages

Welcome to the blank page An empty script A wordless tune. Welcome to a world of possibilities And you are the god.

Remembering September

Remembering is the sun setting at night, the stars free in the sky Her eyes were like sparklers on the Fourth of July, radiant and free. Remembering September hurts, because that used to be me.


I am a flicker A small flame Never growing any bigger, suppressed by the thoughts of the past I am my trauma I am a mere flicker, capable of being small and cute, Or tearing down the eni


I will wear short dresses High heels She'll wear as much makeup as she wants My sister My best friend They will not be broken by one of you So approach us We won't be broken I am strong

Welcome To Your Worst Dream And Your Best N​ightmare

Welcome to your dream land What's that? There's no chain on your wrist Simply the feeling of being second best At home In your parent's eyes Welcome to your best nightmare It's your last

Home Is Not a Place

Home is not a place It's a feeling Of those you are around Who love you Home is acceptance by those you love And those who you will love Home is not a place But a feeling in your heart​

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