I'm Drowning
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oneyieeee Because why not.
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It's just what I feel.

I'm Drowning

I'm drowning;

How exactly, I do not know.

I think I'm in a coma;

Don't ask me why, I just know.

There's a chill in my bones;

There's a chill in my bones; as I watch the rest of the world;

Go by.

Or when I sit alone;

At the edge of my seat;

Wondering when will I be noticed;

Or will the cycle repeat.

Words come easy to me;

A never ending waterfall;

In torrents and waves,

They just don't answer my call.

They lurk in the back of my head;

Every time someone yells at me;

Or when I'm surrounded by people;

My voice is there,

Like a reassuring lullaby;

A fierce lion's roar.

I know its there, dancing, singing;

Waiting to be found.

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