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Partly based on a true story.


He waited, until the sun went down, and everything turned red and gold; He waited, until the wind chilled the streaks on his face left behind by his tears.

He started to fear, he started to doubt. In the end, he walked away, with no one but the moon to witness his broken heart.

Miles away in a hospital she froze, her hand grazing the note in her bag; Picking it up, she read the lost confession, written in pretty shades of blue; It had been weeks,

almost a month- she wondered if he was still waiting, if he would.

His friends noticed his change, but could only wonder, while adoring girls surrounded him, only to be ignored; Quietly he sat down in her seat, feeling like a fool,

but soon his thoughts flew; To her smile, her laugh, her love to everyone she knew.

The journey took hours , but she didn't mind, she owed him a dance, an apology; She wondered if her confession could be heard,

and if she could hold on until that moment; She didn't know how much longer she had.

Prom night seemed like a joke, as he stood alone in his corner; Eventually he stalked out, feeling rather morose, until something caught his eye- a girl wheelchair bound,

pushed through the gate by her friends.

She caught his eye, and raised her hand to wave; When he came closer, she started to confess; But he understood immediately- she saw the pain in his eyes- as he took in her sickly figure,

her pale skin; Gently he hugged her close, and she did her best to do the same-

The note in her hands flew away, as her eyelids started to fall.

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