As Fate Would Have It
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Zevran Arainai was expecting for his life to end when he took the job to go after the Grey Wardens. Eveli Tabris had a different plan in mind.

As Fate Would Have It

Zevran was looking at his captor through hooded lids as he feigned sleep. She was a strange one.

From the deep red of her hair that looked live in the light of the campfire to the emerald of her eyes that shone like jewels when she laughed.

It seemed like she had not a care in the world when she was around her companions, but now when she was alone by the fire.

She looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders from the way her shoulders slumped forward and the dullness that crept into her eyes.

He held back a smirk when she looked his way and felt her eyes gaze over him.

Why did she spare my life.... He wondered to himself as he went over the events of the day.

The slight whimper of the Mabari she had called Draco pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked over at his captor and froze.

She was clinging to the hound like her life depended on it, her chest was rising and falling as if she had just sprinted the length of the Imperial Highway,

she had lost all colour in her face and her eyes were distant like she was far away from camp.

He watch silently as the dog tried to nuzzle his way under her arms and when that didn't work he resorted to licking every part of her arm that he could reach.

Eventually the light came back to her eyes as she clutched Draco to her tightly.

"I'm okay boy, no need to worry" she muttered into her fur, sounding like she was trying to reassure herself more than anyone else.

Eveli lifted her eyes and scanned the campsite, thankful that her little episode didn't wake anyone up this time.

"Good boy, thanks for helping me again" she whispered to Draco as she planted a kiss on the top of his head.

He nuzzled her happily, knowing that he protected his mistress from whatever demons were attacking her.

She sighed as she looked over to where the assassin who tried to kill her was tied up to a nearby tree trunk. She was surprised to meet his deep brown eyes.

"A beautiful woman such as yourself shouldn't look so sad" the assassin smoothly said to her.

"Is it common for you to stare at people?" She replied, a bit more harshly than she intended

"Oh no, only the gorgeous wardens that seem to have a kink for tying me up. A little rope can be exciting, no?"

Eveli resisted the urge to throw a piece of firewood in his direction as he winked at her, but she was thankful for the distraction as she no longer felt the memory of hands all over her body.

"Do you need any water or food? Sorry I can't untie you, just can't trust the guy who tried to kill me less than 24 hours ago." she asked as she stood up and dusted herself off.

The question surprised Zevran, he may of been captured a few times during his life with the Crows but this was the first time a captor had asked if he needed anything.

"I thank you dear warden, but the only thing I want is to know your name" Zevran responded with his most charming smile. Eveli looked at the dying flames in thought before responding.

"Eveli, Eveli Tabris." She responded as she threw some more wood onto the fire, making sure it would last through the night.

She could feel a bite to the air forming so went to her tent and grabbed her spare blanket.

Zevran couldn't help but watch her as she walked round getting the camp ready for the night.

She was a mystery to him, normally he could spend a few minutes in someone's presence and know exactly what they were going to be like. When it came to her....

Well he had no idea where to even start,

"Here, I thought you might get cold tonight so here's another blanket"

He looked up at her in surprise, she was standing right in front of him and he didn't even hear her approach.

"That's very thoughtful of you miss Eveli, but with having my arms tied, how am I going to be able to wrap it round myself?" He could see her mentally kicking herself for not thinking of that.

"Right, well if you don't mind me getting close to you I can wrap it round you" she offered hesitantly.

"Dear warden, I grew up in a whore house. I have no problem with a beautiful woman wrapping her arms around me.

" He smirked in response to the glare she gave him and was surprised when she still bent down and carefully wrapped him in a thick woolen blanket.

He took the opportunity to breathe in her scent of lavender and fresh rain.

From the fact that the blanket smelled the exact same, he could tell that the blanket was hers and that fact did something small to his heart that he didn't want to investigate too closely.

"Draco will be keeping an eye on you so if you need anything just whistle and he'll come get me." she smiled warmly at him as she leaned back onto her heels.

His heart skipped a beat at her smile. It was genuinely warm. He had tried to kill her for money and yet she treated him, a whore raised assassin, as if he was a person.

"What's going on here?" from the deeper voice he knew it was the other warden.

Alistair stood protectively beside Eveli with his hands on his hips. Before he even had a chance to make a smart remark back at him, Eveli stood and spun round to face him.

"I put a blanket round him because it's coming into winter and I'm not going to have anyone die of pneumonia on my watch." Her eyes blazed at the accusation in his voice.

Zevran couldn't help but show the shock on his face, he wasn't expecting her to come to his defense.

Being an elf she was naturally quite a bit shorter than Alistair but at that moment the air around her made it seem like she was a good foot taller.

"Ah.... right.... Good thinking Evie." Alistair muttered as his bravado left him and he nervously ruffled his hair.

"Right, well good to see you are on time for your watch. If there's nothing else, I'm going to bed.

" And with that both men watched her storm off and close her tent behind her with Draco curling up protectively in front.

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