My P.O.V on #respectshowcase
My P.O.V on #respectshowcase  commaful stories

older_sister If happily ever after did exist...
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Please address this issue, it isn't fair to creators who deserve to get featured.

My P.O.V on #respectshowcase

There are many different ways for people to express themselves. And that's what commaful is for, right?

Yes, That is what its for.

BUT, PLEASE STOP using the daily showcase for irrelevant posts.

If you want to write something relating to the prompt, go ahead. But PLEASE stop using it for stupid, attention-seeking, irreverent posts.

If you disagree, that's your opinion

I just don't think it's fair to creators who write something amazing for the daily prompt to not get featured because people are using it to get followers. It's not okay.

If you want to get followers, thats fine, but please stop using the showcase to bring attention to your account unless you write something that has to do with the prompt.

There are other ways to gain followers.

@sydney @commaful Please address this issue, it isn't fair to creators who deserve to get featured.

Thank you for reading, and I'm not trying to offend anyone, I just want to bring awareness to this issue. Its not fair to creators who want to use the showcase for their work.

And the hate!! The hate on commaful needs to stop!!

this is a place where creators can express themselves! There is no place for all the hate!

Please stop using unkind words and stories to call out other users.

If something DID happen, handle it in a civilized, professional, and private way.

Just please, stop causing drama. It serves NO ONE.

Much Love, Lily (the older sister of commaful)

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