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Western beauty standards are outdated and obnoxious, but this is how I feel about myself not everyone else.


by Okay

You have alabaster skin that is more lively than a blizzard. Your angelic face makes it hard to not trust your words coming from your soft and cheerful lips, that people strive to call their own.

The brown skin I was cursed to have will never be as lively as and as beautiful. The plump and heartbroken lips no one wants to kiss. The realization that this world sees me this way.

Your eyes light up the world for the others that longingly stare into them. Your laughter is contagious, it welcomes the visitors to stay longer just to hear the warm welcome every day.

The coarse laughter that I despise coming from my own body makes me instantaneously self-conscious feeling that heinous sound leave my body.

But the brown eyes I was cursed to have, darken this world like a sunset losing all hope and happiness that others had in their eyes.

The makeup that accentuates your eyes not covering but promoting your beauty not covering or creating yourself as new.

The black streams of tears pouring down my plain skin creating distance from my desperate and dull eyes while I realize I cover my face to create a new image that will never happen.

I am hideous

You are beautiful

Why can't I be beautiful?

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