Used to...miss you

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Ain't it funny how I used to...miss you

Used to...miss you

I remember I used to miss you.

Wanting you to miss me too; for you to say you were a fool for letting me go and letting me leave. For letting me find myself without you. For leaving me…with me.

I remember I used to miss you.

Missing you was my favorite past time. Lay awake at night so many tears that I cried. Memories…salty memories. How they tortured me.

How they made me miss you.

Because you— oh yes, that was you who said we had forever. But it’s my fault—I knew better. And as I think back on it now I look back on it and smile. Because I don’t miss you.

And it’s just so funny how that it’s funny to me now. I think back on all those tears & I remember that pain so clear How I used to miss you

wanting you to miss me too. Thinking life was over—through. But it was only just beginning. And I know now you weren’t an ending. You were just a moment in my journey.

You left me with me so that I could find me; the truly happy me— the me I was meant to be.

And it wasn’t meant with you. And now I’m so okay with that It makes me oh so happy that I don’t miss you.

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