Carnival | Yoonmin (Suga & Jimin)
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A short story how Yoongi and Jimin met in a carnvial

Carnival | Yoonmin (Suga & Jimin)

It's the day that everyone keeps on talking about.

The Carnival.

Jimin is a very shy boy, he doesn't like going to places by himself. His friends, Taehyung and Jungkook, invited him to come as he never been to a carnival before.

They felt sorry for the boy because everyone treated him badly, making his social anxiety take over his mind and body.

"Jimin hyung, are you ready yet?" Jungkook knocked on Jimin's pastel blue door, waiting for the boy who took his time doing his makeup.

The door opened, resulting Jimin to pop out.

"Now I am" Jimin chirped up, closing the door behind him wrapping an arm around his best friend's shoulder.

Taehyung watched his lover and best friend as they happily skipped down the small halfway.

"Off to the carnival we go!" Jungkook squealed, holding Taehyung's and Jimin's hand.

The scenary looked amazing, the bright lights shining amongst the young boys. The mass of screaming made Jimin's heart race against his chest.

Jimin bit his lip, looking around seeing enormous rides in front of his own two eyes.

"What ride do you want to go on first, Jiminie?" Taehyung asked the overwhelmed boy who was hiding behind Jungkook.

Jimin looked at Taehyung with like a deer caught in lights, "T-that one" The boy skipped his words, pointing at the tea cups ride.

Jungkook smiled at the shy boy, "Let's go on the ride, Tae be a babe and get us a drink? Love you" He kissed his cheek before scurrying off with Jimin.

Jimin was having the best time of his life. He couldn't stop smiling, his giggles made the atmosphere go clear.

As they two boys got off the dizzy ride, Jungkook saw his boyfriend speaking to his friend of nine year, Min Yoongi.

"Yoongi, what a surprise! How are you?" Jungkook greeted the blonde hair boy.

"I'm doing good, who is this?" Yoongi smirked, looking at the red face boy who was hiding behind the pair.

"This is Jimin, Chim this is Yoongi" Jungkook introduced Jimin to Yoongi who kept on looking at the small boy.

Jimin waved at the blonde haired boy, the elder gave him a goofy smile making the younger giggle.

The couple were too busy looking at the two other boys 'flirting' that they didn't realise it was getting late.

"It's time to go Chim, say goodbye to Yoongs" Taehyung said, wrapping an arm around his boyfriend's waist.

Jimin pouted at Yoongi who looked really down, "I had a n-nice time meeting you hyung" Jimin said shyly, fiddling with his fingers.

Yoongi grinned as he wrote something down on a piece of paper. "Here is my number, call me anytime" He winked playfully sending a flying kiss to the flushed boy before leaving the boy.

Jimin squealed so much he let off the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood.

"Jiminie, whats the matter?" Jungkook rushed towards the excited boy, who wash visibly shaking.

"I GOT HIS NUMBER" Is what Jimin wanted to say but he covered it by saying:

"Oh sorry, I just saw a kitty that's all" Jimin apologized before catching up with the couple.

Later on that night, Jimin and Yoongi chatted all night. Jimin finally found his happiness. Yoongi found someone that can help him, in reality we all need someone to have in our lives. Someone who loves you for who you are, what you are, and how you are.

Years later, the two boys are finally married. They finally found their happiness. It doesn't matter what it is, if you enjoy their company or you like doing a certain object, it means you are happy and want to be with that person or you want to be successful in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed this book! Follow me, I'll post more kpop related books soon:) *sends hearteus to reader*

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