A letter to the racist
A letter to the racist racism stories

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A letter to racists, ethnic and right wing nationalists, religious bigots and extremists, tribalists, neo-nazis and so on.

By: Joseph C Ogbonna

A letter to the racist

by Joseph C Ogbonna

I love only my kind.

But a world of just

your kind would to

monotony consign you.

I celebrate just my kind.

But a world that celebrates

only you, would to the utter

depths of boredom relegate you.

I prefer just my kind.

But the preference of your kind

would your curiosity wear out.

I only recognize my world.

But a world of only you

can never its horizon broaden.

I only relish my own race.

But a world devoid of

other races would be the

most uninteresting.

My race must the entire earth occupy.

But without the 'inferior' races,

how could you 'superiority' claim?

I have a lebensraum for my

race to occupy.

A lebensraum for only you

would geography obliterate.

So let your world be yours,

and let mine be mine.

Your culture and language you

may retain, whilst mine I also


as we both our diversity


Because diversity is nothing

more than the spice of life.

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