A December to remember (Love at Christmas)
A December to remember (Love at Christmas) christmas stories

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A poem about love at Christmas

By: Joseph C Ogbonna

A December to remember (Love at Christmas)

by Joseph C Ogbonna

A lovely December morning like this,

connotes nothing else in our world but bliss.

A time to mine our richest depths of love

on fifth avenue's apartments above.

Every split second is worth a lifetime

with your warm presence in this wintertime.

A kiss from you is like an explosive.

Your lips hypnotize with a corrosive

touch of arousal and sensuality,

bringing heaven on earth to reality.

I will relish the softness of your skin,

like I have never before relished in

our union together as a couple.

We will dine, dance, kiss, romance and cuddle,

because I sure hope to make this December

a unique December to remember.

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