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nowyouseeme Stabby Stabby~
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When you’re immortal you need support from your fellow non-dyers, however support isn’t what it used to be...

Immortals Anonymous

Every month, on the second weekend, there’s a small group of people who meet secretly

With the scraping of chairs and different groans and moans the meeting began.

“Enas, it’s about time you joined us.” One of the males sarcastically called out,

“Shut it sju.” The bitter female snapped back

“Okay you two, we’re not here to fight.” Ordered a young lady who sat at the head of them all

Another one of the females sighed, “My wife keeps trying to kill me, I love her so much but she’s always so irritated with me.”

“Our wives tried to kill us too but you aren’t seeing us complain about it.”

“Yeah like you loved any of your wives, you’re gay Viisi!”

“I don’t feel like being hunted for witchcraft again, tribus!”

“Gods, that was ONE time!”

“Are you guys just gonna fight the entire time or?”

“Shut up deux!” Both yelled,

“I regret ever coming to this, thanks ceithir.”

“The others kept blaming it on me! What was I supposed to do!”

“ Zhè shì huǒchē cánhái.”

“Nobody asked for your opinion Liù!”

“No I’m gonna have to agree with her, this is a train wreck.”

“I’m going home.”

“Oh great, we made her leave.”

“That’s the first time we’ve seen her in like, three hundred years.”

“Good riddance.”

“Gods, shut up and go home already!”

To be continued...

I would also like to mention, this was not intentionally made to be mostly white people. It just happened to be the languages that I picked, I will make sure to include More people of color if/when I make another of these.

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