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I didn’t know you were toxic until it was too late.


by novembernights

“I’ll never leave you,” he had once said

a long time ago when we were younger and brighter and full of plans that we didn’t even understand.

“I want a future with you,” he told me over and over again

before we could even comprehend what a future would mean.

You see

He was like the wind

and I was just a simple leaf trying to resist his strong pull

because I didn’t want the things that he wanted.

I wasn’t ready for a future

before I had even experienced what it was like to live in the present.

But his gripping and persistent tug kept trying to rip me away from my stem.

“Just let go. You love him,” a voice in my mind would say.

But I fought against the wind

because if he loved me like I loved him

he wouldn’t be the wind.

He’d be the stem; the thing keeping me from falling.

So I never let go.

I never caved to the wind.

And eventually

it stopped roaring

and I let go of my stem all on my own

and I was independent in how I wanted to live.

I could travel and discover new parts of the world that I didn’t even know about before.

I was a brand new person without him holding me back

and every once in a while

he’ll get a postcard from me

to show him

I’m free.

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