So you want to die?
So you want to die? sad stories
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nostalgia1 being ok is a myth
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Who else can relate?

So you want to die?

Sometimes I too want to die.

Sometimes I too want to die It would be so easy just to say goodbye... to the pain.

But what would I really gain? I ask myself this sometimes with scars already over my blue veins A part of me will always remain “insane"

At least thats what my doctors say apparently it runs in my dna I try to pray every now and then to only feel as if I’m drowning in my sins I hate when preachers try to forcefully mend the unbroken

I know that theres a light. I’ve seen it. It’s so beautiful but the more you get closer the warmer you’ll feel, you’ll become comfortable, until suddenly when you least expect it you’ll probably get burned. And you end up afraid to ever go back even slightly. But darling it’s worth the journey

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