I know he doesn’t love me
I know he doesn’t love me
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nostalgia1 being ok is a myth
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Knowing someone you love doesn’t love you back and having no choice but to be okay with that.

I know he doesn’t love me

And yet, my heart still has the audacity to skip life depending beats at the sound of his text. God I hate being so perplexed knowing he’ll trade me for whoever comes next

I know he doesn’t love me, And though I swallowed the truth it burns in my chest No peace from him I see him even as I rest In my head he’s the best Anyone else is less Though I feel nothing when his lips press against mine.

No spark. Just two broken hearts trying to connect with the wrong signal.

and yet I love Him

I guess it reflects on how much I love myself. Because I know he don’t love me, and I think that’s the one thing we always had in common, and what we loved to talk about.

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