//Love sucks //
//Love sucks // love stories

nostalgia1 being ok is a myth
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Ever fell in love with someone who watched as you fell for them hopelessly then laughed when u fell flat on your face?

//Love sucks //

When it rains and my windows fog up it’s your name I find myself tracing

It’s your face my brain sees whenever my heart is racing

It’s your touch that lingers on my skin so how could I ever be just your friend

You act as if to be with me is a sin. Well I’m tired of trying to pretend as if to you I wasn’t god sent.

Your with someone else,she seems nice

Your with someone else, she seems nice I hate her.

Call me bitter yet it’s you who left my heart to ice, than scatter on the floor as if you were throwing a dice. I hope you both get lice. I hope the price out weighs the karma, cause I promise she’s gonna haunt ya.

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