Almost Sixteen
Almost Sixteen teen stories

nostalgia1 being ok is a myth
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Every emotion, tears, laughter, screaming.. it has all lead up to this moment...almost sixteen.

Almost Sixteen

Time flies, in the blink of the eye one minute your counting the clouds in the sky the next your counting the days in which you didn’t cry...

Remember wanting to fly? Now the closest substitute is getting high Everyone hates when their parents pry until it’s time for them to say their final goodbye

I use to be weird and shy Now I’m weird but lie, learned to put on a disguise In doing so I realized That all the “pretty girls”, have snake eyes.

I use to despise guys ... and I still do but there’s this one that grew on me like mildew But he never could live up to, the expectations society had set. I met regret, and to her I lost an ultimate bet.

I don’t miss him or anything I just miss who I was before I knew what it was like to be in love with him

Fifteen taught me a lot. Like anything that’s real can’t be brought. And it dosent kill you to do a squat. And the best lessons in life can’t be taught, in a classroom.

But sixteens about to arrive, old enough to drive a car But god forbid if you catch me at a bar! Don’t worry I’ll keep my feelings locked in a jar and wonder why my wishes never go pass the stars.

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