Not so mediocre city Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Not so mediocre city Chapter 1 
                            (Part 1) action stories

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The big cities can become really dangerous and this one isn't different. The city is ruled by 6 gangs. They in a state of cold war for years, but this can easily change. Follow the story of pack of characters, as they try to live in this city and accomplish their own personal goals. The story have more than one protagonist ton of characters, and a decent amount of fighting. Also, expect some drama and romance in a near future. Updates at least twice a week!

*This is my first time writing a story, so I would appreciate some constructive criticism


Not so mediocre city Chapter 1 (Part 1)

"Cities are really dangerous, aren't they?"

Someone ones said that all cities are the same. It's true for the most part, but with some exeptions. One of these exeptions is my city. From the outside, it looks like your typical big city.

But that's actually not the case. Our city is ruled by 6 gangs that are in state of a cold war.

They spy on each other, try to buy the best businesses and have more money and political power than the others. It's been like that for years and it's probably not going to change soon.

This Friday seemed like another normal day, but it was actually the day that changed the life of a lot of people and what happened on this day will have a lot of consequences on the entire town.

Friday, afternoon. I was going through the streets of this town without any particular reason. I was wearing my favourite black hoodie, grey pants and white trainers.

My black medium lenght hair was pretty messy, because it was a windy day. I started discribing myself but who even am I? My names is Alex and I'm 17 years old. I'm in second year of highschool.

Well, "I'm in" isn't exactly how I would describe it, because I ditch my classes very often and this is what I'm currently doing, I wasn't at school today.

I was on a walk through the city all day long. Reason? Like i said, I don't have any.

I don't ditch school, becouse it's really hard or something and I'm not one of those kids that don't go to school to drink alcohol or go to parties.

I don't actually have a reason for doing it, I don't go when I don't feel like it. That's just how I am.

As I was walking through one of the neighborhoods, I heard some loud sound. I assumed it was a man scream. I was the only one here.

No cars, no one looking through the window and just none other people around. It feelt like a ghost town. As I was looking around, I heard the scream again.

This time, I was able to locate the direction the sound was coming from. It was a alleyway next to me. I was really curious on what's going on so I decided to take a look.

That's probably isn't something you should do in that situation, but who cares. A moment later I saw something I definitely wasn't expecting.

There was one blond guy that was talking to a large group of people with black balaclavas. He was wearing a denim jacket and jeans.

A moment later, it turned to a spectacle, like the ones you can see in movies. One person from the group charged forward on the blond guy and tried to deliver a punch to his face.

But the attack never connected. The blond guy dodged the atack and punched the balaclava man back. He went flying and then landed on the ground unconscious.

The others after seeing this, attacked the blond guy all together. Some of them were armed with baseball bats and the others had some sort of metal tubes.

The blond guy was unarmed, but he dosn't looked like that was any problem to him. Then I saw something incredible and breathtaking.

Dodge and punch in a face, dodge and kick in the guts, dodge and another punch in the stomack, and a quick undercut.

Almost the entire group of guys in the balaclavas was crushed, laying on the ground unconscious. Only two of them were still standing.

They were facing the blond guy as he was smilling and looking at them with pity. But then something happened that changed the entire outcome of the battle.

One of the guy who was laying on the ground stand up and struck the blond guy in the head. Man in jeans then fell over, but he was still conscious.

He tried standing up, but the other two guys pinned him immediately, preventing him from doing anything. It was clearly his loss. In that moment, I did something that changed my entire life.

I had literally no reason to save this guy, but I still decided to do that. I picked up something that looked like a some sort of metal tube and charged on the guys in balaclavas from behind.

Before they were able to notice me, I closed the distance beetwen me and one of them (the one that faked his defeat earlier) and strucked him straight in the head.

He immediately lost consciousness and fallen to the ground.

The two other guys noticed me and started to stand up, but before the were able to, I already closed the distance beetwen them and me and struck the other one in the side.

After this he went flying and ended up hitting a wall. The third one was already on his feet. He closed the distance and tried to attack me with the baseball bat.

Fortunately, I was able to dodge this, by stepping backwards. After that he went for another strike, but before he did it, I kicked him in the stomack.

He ignored it and hit me with his baseball bat in the hand. It hurt a lot so I ended up falling down. I was lying on the ground and grabing my arm in pain.

The hooded guy then pointed his bat at me and say:

-What now, you little shit?! Who even are you?! You really got on my nerves you know? I'm going to beat you as a revenge for the two of my comrades you kno-

But he wasn't able to finish his sentence. What interrupted him was someones feet hitting his face. After this he feel on the ground and stopped moving.

I looked up and saw a blond guy who was reaching out to me. I grabbed his hand with my other arm (the one that wasn't injured) and stood up.

-Thanks for helping me man. I was really in the tough spot here. I through I already knocked this guy out, but that son of a bitch was more resistant than I expected - he said cracking a smile

-No problem - I answered

-Where did you even came from? I'm sure, no one was following us - he asked

-I just heard some strange noice and ended up here

-Oh, so it was just a accident. The luck must really be on my side today! - he said and laughed- My name's Crey. Nice to meet you, good stranger

-I'm Alex, nice to meet you too

-Sooo - he said and looked at me with cold eyes - I guess I have a dept to repay to your? From which gang are you from? Millionaires? Or maybe Eagles? You kinda look like an Eagle to me

-Gang? - I answered visibly confused

-You're from the one of the six gangs, right? This days most of the people who know how to fight like that are part of them - he answered like it was something really obvious

-I'm not in any gang. I'm just your normal, average highschool student - I answered honestly

-Woah really?! Well, I wasn't expecting that. You're not lying, right? - he said and looked straight at my face. It felt like he was penetrating me with his gaze

-I'm telling the truth. Cold and honest truth - I answered honestly again

-Huh, that's interesting - he said to himself and after a moment looked at my face again - then I might have a proposal for you, my friend

-What is it? - I asked

-Are you interested in joining one?

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