Not so mediocre city Chapter 1 (Part 2)
Not so mediocre city Chapter 1 
                         (Part 2) action stories

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The big cities can become really dangerous and this one isn't different. The city is ruled by 6 gangs. They in a state of cold war for years, but this can easily change. Follow the story of pack of characters, as they try to live in this city and accomplish their own personal goals. The story have more than one protagonist ton of characters, and a decent amount of fighting. Also, expect some drama and romance in a near future. Updates at least twice a week!

*This is my first time writing a story, so I would appreciate some constructive criticism


Not so mediocre city Chapter 1 (Part 2)

The six gangs that really control our city. Millionaires, Eagles, Diamonds, Black hoodies, Believers and one gang that doesn't have a name. Crey told me he was part of the Believers.

He was apparently a pretty important person in it. While we were walking to the place which was supposed to be a place where I'm going to be recruited, he told me some more about the gangs.

They were all in cold war for years now. If a full on war beetwen them were to start, that would be a dissaster and maybe even the end of this city, so none of them plan to do that.

He also said that it's a really risky bussines. But I had a reason to join, so I decided to take that risk. For my reason, it might be pretty simple, but it's enough for me. It's just enough.

Friday, evening. I was standing right in front of a entrence to the family restaurant called "Believe in yourself".

Who the hell would name their restaurant like that?! That was a really confusing sight. I looked at Crey and asked:

-Are you sure this is the right place?

-Of course I'm sure! I'm here almost every day - he replied, visibly irritated by my question - Just follow me and don't ask questions for now

After saying that, he entered the the restaurant. I followed right after him. After entering I looked around. It was a really big place for a family restaurant.

There wasn't much people, but considering the late hour, I guess that's a normal sight. The kitchen was open and visible from where we were.

Behind the counter was standing a really well-built black men. He was probably around 30 and looked like one of those super strong bodyguards from the movies. Crey walked to him and said:

-Hey chief, I'll take the usual!

-Oh Crey, coming right up! - men answered and threw a key to him. For a brief moment, he looked at me clearly confused, but then looked away and returned to his work.

Whatever it was, he let it slide.

Crey grabbed a key and head straight for the kitchen. I was of course following him all along. The kitchen looked like your usual kitchen in these kind of restaurants, nothing out of ordinary.

There was one door with a word "STORAGE" on it. Crey approached it and used the key. The door opened and we entered. It looked like your normal storage room, but with one huge difference.

In the middle of the room, there were stairs to the basement.

-Follow me, good friend - Crey said to me and started going down the stairs

-Sure sure - I said and followed him

It was really dark so I was walking very carefully, making sure not to fall. After a moment, we reached our destination.

It was supposed to be a basement, but what I saw was a really huge living room. It was full of tables and sofas full of people. They looked like they were mostly around 20 years old.

Crey started going to the hall that was at the end of the room and I followed. We were about to leave this room, when we heard someones voice.

-Oh, hey Crey. Who's that young man with you

The one who said it was a guy in a yellow hoodie. He was really short and looked like he was 16 years old at max. He was wearing a black beret.

Who the hells wears something like that these days, especially at that age. That's really old fashioned.

-Hey hey hey kid, don't criticize my beret - he said

-I never said anything like that - I replied

-But you were thinking that, am I right?

-Can you read minds or something?

-No no no, that's not it. It's just, all people think that when they meet me for the first time - he started giggling

Yeah, I can imagine that's the case.

-Ok Chris, enough is enough. We have business to do, so we'll take our leave - said Crey and waved his hand

-You're going to the boss, right? This kid is going to be our new member? Geez, that's pretty boring. These days everyone can be a gangsters. That's lame!

-First off, you're younger than me so stop calling me a kid - I said in the pretty angry tone

-Well, I might be younger than you, but I'm higher in the hierarchy, so I'll stick to calling you a kid for now - he replied with a smug expression

-Hierarchy? - I looked at Crey with questioning gaze

-Yeah, let me explain. In short, we have hierarchy here. The people who are new here are called freshmans. You'll be one at the beggining. The people who are here some time are called juniors.

Chris is one of them. The people who do something great and are really usefull to the gang become seniors. I'm one of them. It's pretty hard to become one so most people stays as Juniors.

-I might be a junior now, but soon I'll become a senior - Chris said while looking at Crey

-Yeah yeah, I know. You're saying that for a while now and you're still not moving forward - Crey replied and looked at me - Let's go man. Leave this kid and follow me

I did exactly like Crey told me to and followed him through the hall. After a moment, we reached a door with a plate saying "KEEP OUT".

Right next to the door was a desk in which some women was sitting. She was around 20 years old. She was wearing a black suit and a white tie. She had long black hair and a pair of round glasses.

When she noticed Crey, she started to wave.

-Hey Crey! It's been a while - she said cheerfully

-It's been maybe like a day since we seen each other, but good to see you too - he replied

She then looked at me with interested gaze and asked:

-Is this our new member? He's cute - she said while still looking at me

-Yes I'm going to be joining it here. My name's Alex and I'm 17 - I replied while trying to be as polite as possible

-Oh my, a 17 years old joining our gang? That's really sweet - she cracked a smile - Then come in and talk to our leader. He will decide whether your worthy of it

After she said that, she returned to the work she was doing. I along with Crey approched the door.

I wanted to make sure I'm ready for this and I will make a good first impression so I hesitated a moment, but finally decided to enter. I gently opened the door.

What I saw was a brown hairedman standing right next to the desk that was exactly in the middle of the room. He looked like he was around 25.

He was wearing a black jacket, yellow T-shirt, grey pants and orange sunglasses. In his hand, he was holding a phone. It seems he was in the middle of some conversation and we interrupted him.

-What do you fucking mean you can't deliver it on monday! - he shouted to his phone - I don't fucking care what problems are you guys having, I want my stuff on the date we agreed on!

And listen here cunt, I'm not going to wait any longer than that! If you delay it for even a day, I'm gonna blow your tiny head off, you get it?!

He trew the phone across the room. It seems it broke. Well, that's what it means to have a hot temperament.

-Fuck, I'm gonna need a new one - he said and then he fianally noticed us - Oh hey Crey! Who's this guy with you?

-His our new recruit. He wants to join the gang - Crey replied calmly

-Ohoho, a new one. I love meeting new people, you know - he said and then looked at straight at Crey - Please leave us alone for a moment. I need to ask this guy some questions

-Sure sure. Just don't kill him - Crey said as he was leaving a room

-I'll try - Boss replied and laughted at his own lame joke

He looked straight at my face. I was felling really uncomfortable and nervous. I guess that's a pretty normal reaction after what I saw just a moment ago.

-Soo, little newbie. I need to ask you some questions so answer me honestly, ok? - he said

-Sure - I replied while sweating

-So to start things of, how do you met Crey?

-I met him some hours ago. He was fighting with some guys and I helped when they downed him

-Ohhhh, so you saved him. Yes, that explains it

-Explain what - I didn't knew what he was talking about, so I asked

-You know, there's one thing about Crey. We recruit people to our gang exactly the way we're going to recruit you.

Someone who's either junior or senior find someone with extraordinary talents or just someone that he thinks will make a good part of our little family.

Finding new freshmans really boost your status and help you raise in ranks. But the thing about Crey is that, he never introduced any recruits to me. You're literally the first one

-Then I guess I should feel honored, right?

-Maybe, maybe not. That's up for you to decide - he smiled

-Then I'll feel really honored - I replied with a nervous smile

-Heh, I like you. Just two more questions to go. First, tell me some more about yourself. I need to know something about you if we're gonna work together, right?

-My name's Alex. I'm 17. I go to highschool but I often ditch it. My parents died in a accident and I don't have any relatives so I live alone. I like hoodies, cats and good food, I guess.

I trained some martial arts when I was younger, but to be fair, I forgot most of that stuff already

-Living alone at that age, huh. That's pretty impressive

-Well, It's not like a had a choice

-Yeah yeah, I know. I still think it's amazing tho. I'm really starting to like you. - he cracked a smile - Then one last quesion. Why did you decided to join the gang?

-Just because - I replied immediately

-Just because? Really? - Boss replied, clearly in shook

-Now that you mention it, there's a reason for it

-Then let me hear it

-I was invided. It just feels really good knowing that someone wants you around - I replied with melancholy look

Boss looked at the wall, then at the ground and then at me again. He was visibly really sad, like my words touched him.

-Welcome abord Alex. You're now one of use - he said and gave me a thumb up

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