Love Letter to my Daughter
Love Letter to my Daughter past life stories

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Past Life Love Letters

Love Letter to my Daughter

You are the epitome of sunshine, and you embody the seas. You can use water to de-stress, relax and renew.

Baths usually help you cleanse away the negative ailments, whether it is from feelings or a tummy ache. It has been proven with you.

The Sun card in tarot connects with you fully. It even typically portrays a child with blonde hair. The Sun represents fun, freedom, optimism, and positivity.

A strong card, one of the Major Arcanas.

I remember seeing you, that day, booming with sun while I was running an errand to fill my basket with bread at the boulangerie you worked at.

Your hair was glowing with streams of golden like straw, you had a light yellow-like aura that followed you. The smile was irreplacable. In that lifetime we were in similar age.

I had the feeling I could tell you everything, and most likely already had. I could tell you were my best friend. My confidant.

All lives must play in together, and some traits are repetitive, unless broken, but if positive, possibly maintained through time. It was close to the 1800's I would say.

The feeling of your presence in the past life regression that came forward will last me a lifetime.

Narrow cobblestone roads, tall compacted buildings; one after the other, hand weaved wicker baskets. It came to me thereafter that we were in a place called Brittany, France.

Of course, one of the Universe signs leading me to a bottle of wine, originating in Brittany itself. Very close to Scotland, on the border.

I could romanticize that era of time for letters to come, however I now believe if we connect to love, and feel it freely and fully we can bring that aspect from that era back to this time.

Your hair still shines golden in the sun today, and your sea blue eyes still twinkle.

The passing of bread from a friend to friend, to 'break bead' speaks immensely itself. It is 2021, no, we don't hand knead bread...

But we do have a bread machine currently baking it for us right now.

To break bread, written many different ways is to have an emotional experience, connection with another person, often over a meal.

Also to connect with another person, over a meal, often after some sort of conflict or disconnection. We will remember that part for future years.

So, in the 1800's in Brittany, France, we often broke bread together as you worked at a Boulangerie.

I love you my Sun and Seas, Blonde Goddess Cordelia.


Momma <3

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