Headless scary stories

nitika_gupta A science student who is more into arts.
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A girl looks for love. She looks for the world to accept her.


Once upon a time, long ago.

A girl barely breathed.

She wanted a hand to hold.

She wanted friends, she wanted acceptance.

Once a enchantress came by her abode and said,

'throw your head into the river, by the bridge and you shall be loved.'

Without a dither, the girl went away, to the bridge.

She threw off her head and then returned again.

She could not speak, she could not look.

she could not hear, the laugh of her peers or the mirth in their eyes, she could not see.

The headless girl,

looked for the enchantress again and again.

The headless girl walked the street, everyone looked at her, amazed were they,

to see the place where her head should've been, or the blood that dripped down the street.

The enchantress was there again,

'throw your arms into the sea, you will be loved.'

Delighted, the girl went away,

she sat on the shore, saw her arms float by, she went away.

The armless girl searched for love,

she couldn't love herself.

she couldn't help herself.

When hunger struck, she could not eat.

So she starved.

She starved for love,

she starved to be accepted.

Like it even mattered.

Like they cared.

She was the monster, bloodshot eyes, skinny her,

blood that dripped everywhere.

The enchantress came again,

'throw your feet into the ocean, the ocean goddess will hear you.'

Now nothing but the torso remained,

but the girl still heaved, heavy breaths.

Now everyone was here, whoever she wanted.

They came to bury the monstrosity.

They came to kill.

The girl was happy,

the enchantress was right.

They would finally love her.

They would finally except her.

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