Clearer In The Dark
Clearer In The Dark night stories

nightblossom You can find me on cloud nine.
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Nothing has ever been clearer.

Clearer In The Dark

By: Crystal

The sun goes out, blackness fills every corner, Not leaving any illuminated ground or height, Leaving every single explorer, Out to search for their own light.

Searching for a way to discern sharper, Searching for a spark or flame, But the more they roam away farther, The more they are crippling their aim.

The darker it gets, the more it covers up, The more I can rectify and uncoil my thoughts, The greater I can see, the greater it builds up, The more I miss on all the targets I've shot.

In the darkness that's when everything gleams, When the waves calm down on the restless sea, Everything's clearer then it all really seems,

Because when it was dark, that's when I could finally see.

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