that old orange cat
that old orange cat kitten stories
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neutral ngl i thought 2020 was gonna b fun T-T
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this is actually a true story
lol. luckily i have seen the cat from time to time after my dog stopped chasing him. despite the pics shown here the cat was actually really fat and square like, i thought it was cute :)

that old orange cat

when i was young,

and the day just begun,

i would skip my way to the bus

but one cold day

i saw a stray,

making quite the fuss.

an orange cat

who was quite fat

came running to my feet

i picked him up

and then he purred

it really was a treat!

he came everyday

and we got to play

and life seemed real fine.

then i got a pup

and cat stopped showing up

that cute old cat of mine

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